12 December 2015

D) Integrity: [REWRITE to fit WISDOM]

PRESENCE + EMPATHY = INTEGRITY. One Freebie point can buy you one rank of Integrity. And Integrity costs "2 experience per rank". So bringing your Integrity from rank 4 to rank 5 will cost you:  2 x 5 = 10 experience points.

In WEIRD TALES you don't just have Integrity-ranks, you also have Integrity-points. When confronted with the horrors of the mythos as well as the mundane, you'll be forced to roll a sanity-roll. Each success on a sanity-roll shows, how well you realise and are impacted by, the reality of the horror in front of you. You can see how to roll a sanity-roll in the paragraph below named: "Sanity-rolls and threats". After calculating how many successes you have on your sanity-roll: You must subtract an equalent number of Integrity-points from your Integrity-points pool. This is the toll and impact the situation has on your characters sense of integrity. You may in the situation choose to substitute Willpower-points for Integrity-points. If ever your Integrity-points are reduced to zero, you must roll a breaking-point-roll, and risk loosing a rank of Integrity. If you succeed a the breaking-point-roll, you succeed! But, as long as there's a number of successes left from your sanity-roll, equal to your present Integrity-rank, you'll have to roll another breaking-point-roll. First you lower the number of excessive successes from your sanity-roll, by the number of your present Integrity-rank. And then you roll the breaking-point-roll. Repeat this procedure until there's no longer successes enough to provoke another breaking-point-roll. If you fail the breaking-point-roll, you loose one Integrity-rank, and your Integrity-points are refilled up to your new rank. If there're more successes left from your sanity-roll, you remove Integrity-points from your Integrity-points pool, if you're reduced to zero again, roll a new breaking-point-roll. Repeat the procedure until there are no more successes from your sanity-roll; or until there isn't any Integrity left in your character. Further: A grimoire, creature or phenomena can force you to roll a sanity-roll more than once. Typically: "When you see it!" and "When it attacks you!". And sometimes again "if it's consequence is somehow inescapable!". 

Sanity-rolls and threats:
When rolling your sanity-roll. If one of the following threats apply; Helplessness, Violence, The Unnatural; use "the Double-10 rule". If two of the threats apply use "the Double-9 rule". And if all three of the threats apply use "the double-8 rule". Sanity-rolls are the only kind of roll where "the Max-10 rule" doesn't apply.

Dicepool 02 (cthulhu: 1-2):   Disturbing
Dicepool 04 (cthulhu: 1-4):   Threatening
Dicepool 06 (cthulhu: 1-6):   Horrific
Dicepool 08 (cthulhu: 1-8):   Violating
Dicepool 10 (cthulhu: 1-10):  Torturous
Dicepool 20 (cthulhu: 1-20):  Impossible
Dicepool 30 (cthulhu: 1-100): Apocalyptic

If the situation subverts one of your "Foundations". Then you must double the successes achieved on your sanity-roll. That is after you have applied the "double-it" rule to the successes rolled on your sanity-roll.

When loosing Integrity-points or when rolling a breaking-point-roll, and certainly when loosing Integrit-ranks, you're very often in the receiving end of all kinds of troublesome Conditions. 

Your character has one foundation for every two ranks of Integrity from rank one to seven. That is: 1st, 3rd, 5th & 7th rank.

??Are Foundations good for something beside storytelling the character? Can Integrity Points be renewed through roleplaying related to your foundations? Or is it only renewable through keeping control in sanity threatening situation??



With the Integrity trait in use, you are still free to let your character behave, respond or do whatever you like. But the Integrity trait should change to comment on your characters behaviour. At its best: the trait will provoke and inspire you to tell stories of a different scope. At its least: Integrity will stroll along as a subtle whisper. When it's a matter of your characters individual integrity and conscience, it will be up to you as the player, to decide whether your characters Integrity-rank should fall or climb throughout the game. But, it's strongly recommended that you use the breaking-point-rules, as a compass to guide and provoke your decisions. And when it's a matter of your characters societal integrity and conscience, you can consult the crude list of breaking-points below:

Integrity: The action that troubles your conscience.
Protects; Conscience, Allegiance & Self (Humane):
10: Didn't work hard enough to be ready
09: Should have seen it coming
08: Could have helped
07: Petty Theft or Hurting Lie 
Protects; Allegiance & Self (Thug):
06: Grand Theft or Troublesome Lie 
05: Mass Property Damage or Dangerous Lie
04: Impassioned Violation or Murder
03: Planned Violation or Murder
Protects; Self (Beast):
02: Casual Violation or Murder
01: Driven Mass Violation or Mass Murder


"The sanity-rolls" are from "Call of Cthulhu"
"Threats" are from "Delta Green: the Roleplaying Game"
"Foundations & Subversion" are inspired by "Trail of Cthulhu"

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