12 December 2015

F) Merits:

It's recommended that you save three of your slots for: resources, linguistics and one of the following: allies, contacts or status.

MENTAL MERITS (cofd, p. 44-47):

AREA OF EXPERTISE (adjusted to the new "specialities" rules):
Area of Expertise adds a +1 bonus to all specialities in one skill.

LINGUISTICS (substitute for the language merit):
You gain two languages at character creation, english and a language of choice. Additional languages are no longer bought with the "Language Merit" but with this new "Linguistic Merit". You can use your dots in "Linguistic" to roll for insights into issues concerning language:
O +1 additional Language all in all
OO +3 additional Languages all in all
OOO +6 additional Language all in all
OOOO +10 additional Language all in all
OOOOO +15 additional Language all in all

EIDETIC MEMORY (a modification of the merit):
If you want to make use of this merit you must make it playable, typically by narrowing its focus.
F.ex: Stockmarked, Investigations within a month, etc.

PHYSICAL MERITS (cofd, p. 47-49):

EDGE (a merge of four merits):
Prerequisite: three dots in either attention
or dexterity, two dots in the other.
O Quick Draw & Fast Reflexes I
With all specialised weapons
OO Fresh Start & Fast Reflexes II
Use an action to decide your initiative roll.
OOO Combat Veteran & Fast Reflexes III
You roll two dice and take the best for initiative

GIANT (a modification of the merit):
You gain a +1 bonus to your strength, 
which also raises your Health by 1.

SOCIAL MERITS (cofd, p. 49-56):

ALLIES, CONTACTS & STATUS covers your associates.
[use allies to emulate mentor & retainer]

RESOURCES [private income]:
O 12.000,- * or more a month ( 1,800 US$ )
OO 25.000,- * or more a month ( 3,600 US$ )
OOO 50.000,- * or more a month ( 7,200 US$ )
OOOO 100.000,- * or more a month ( 15,000 US$ )
OOOOO 300.000,- * or more a month ( 45,000 US$ )
OOOOOO 1 million * or more a month ( 135,000 US$ )
OOOOOOO 5 million * or more a month ( 675,000 US$ )
OOOOOOOO 25 million * or more a month ( 3,375,000 US$ )
OOOOOOOOO 100 million * or more a month ( 13,5 mill US$ )


Common Sense (cofd, p. 44)
Fighting Styles (cofd, p. 60-65)

Fast Reflexes; now a part of EDGE (cofd, p. 44)
Quickdraw; now a part of EDGE (cofd, p. 49)
Languages; now a part of LINGUISTICS (cofd, p. 45)
Mentor; use ALLIES instead (cofd, p. 51)
Retainer; use ALLIES instead (cofd, p. 53)

* Danish Kroner (Dk. Kr.)

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