12 December 2015

B) Timing:


Delaying: If you're "delaying" your action into the next turn, your Initiative remains the same in your next turn. So if you had an Initiative of 9, and you delay your action into the next turn, your Initiative would still be 9 in the following turn!

Sergio Leone: If you want to improve your Initiative you have to use the merit "fresh start*". By using an action the merit allows you to act, as if you'd rolled a natural "10" on your initiative, for the rest of the scene. If you bought the merit "fresh start*" this rule allows you to "abort" to it's use, if you havn't spend your action at the end of a turn.

THE TURN RULE (time & space):

A Turn is 6 seconds instead of 3 seconds. An extra mode of movement is therefore introduced. Besides: 'Standard' (base speed x1) and 'Running' (base speed x2). 'Sprinting' (base speed x4) is added!

* You get "fresh start" when buying "Edge" at rank 2 - See the "Merits" post!

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